Thursday, March 10, 2011

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is SEO?
SEO is the process of optimizing a web site/pages by improving all aspects related to your web site, in order to

increase the traffic to your site receives from search engines such as google, yahoo and msn.
webmaster discovered good search engine placement meant more traffic the idea and the term SEO started to

emerge in web culture.

Why do you need a SEO?

Most of the web site traffics generate from well known search engines that we discussed above.
Almost all of the web masters main objective of running a web site is providing some content to world.
Whatever your site provides content, services, products or information, the search engines are the main method of navigation for almost all Internet users.
The traditional methods of advertising is now obsoleting. Internet has become the major source of information providing to the world.
In brief SEO is the main driving force that generates traffic to your web site.

Get ready to optimize your web to search engines.

some says SEO is an art, amoe says it's depend on luck or expert.
But I think, search engines are not operates as humans they are automated processes.
So getting listed on google's top 10 is not may hard process.

What you have to do, to optimize web site for Search Engines.

1. Select the most apropriate kay word(s).
If your site decsribe on 'flowers'.
You just imagine you don't have a web site but you want to search about flowers.
Then you will find for many types of flowers.
Such as 'rain forest flowers', 'flower wall papers', 'roses','flowers of england/usa', 'hybrid flowers, and so on'.

2. Place your web site or page address/link wherever possible.
search engines finds how popular your site, if he can find more links back to your site then more chance to get listed on top.
What are the types of web sites that you can place your link.
when you place a link to your site ensure that the site is popular enough.
Ex : CNN, BBC, or other popular NEWS sites.they have comments sections and simply write a comment about their article and place your site link with it. (note: don't try to spam)

*google groups are also one of the good method.
*Try Social Bookmarking sites (delicious, technorati, digg, , ,feedmarker , FriendSite , frassle, FuzzFizz, Jumptags, Reader²