Friday, April 8, 2011

Ten Common Mistakes in Web Design

වෙබ් අඩවි නිර්මානයේ දී බොහෝ අඩවි වල දකින්න ලැබෙන දුර්වලතා අතරින් වැදගත්ම කීපයක් පහත සදහන් ව ඇත....

web design is believed to be the most crucial part of a website. In fact, it can even make or break a web page. So if you are one of those people who are aspiring to create a web design that is close to perfection, then you must first get rid of the most common mistakes made by web designers. Here are some of them:

  1. Website loads more than 10 seconds.
This is perhaps one of the problems that people usually encounters when entering a site. Actually, having a website that takes too long to load is not advisable because it can only annoy your visitors, and they may even leave your website and look for somewhere else.

  1. Using unreadable and fancy fonts.
One reason why people browse the web is to look for information. Therefore, you must make sure that your fonts are easy to read and is appealing to the eyes so that your visitors can find useful and reliable data on your pages.

  1. Logo is not located on the top of the page.
The logo plays an important role in your online business. Most of the time, when a person sees a logo, he/she remembers how credible a website is. So bear in mind to place your logo on the most visible part of your page – and that is on the top.

  1. Unorganized content.
No one wants to see a website that's too busy from large pile of texts. As a designer, you must help your readers in finding the information they needed. Try to cut your content into a readable form – make use of highlighted words, bullets, and headers.

  1. The color of visited links doesn't change.
This is one common mistake that you must avoid because this would definitely annoy your visitors. If you want to create a user-friendly web design, then you must show people the difference between the visited links and unvisited links.

  1. External links doesn't open in new windows.
This is really a turn-off! You must let your users feel free to open links in different browser windows. Don't be afraid that they might not come back to your homepage anymore.

  1. Unreadable CAPTCHA.
Well, this would definitely be a huge problem for people who tends to post a comment in your blogs. How can your visitors give their feedback if they can't understand your CAPTCHA?

  1. Using “Introductions”
Never force your visitors to see something before they can enter to your main page. That is undeniably annoying.

  1. Over usage of Flash.
Aside from the fact the Flash are irritating, it can also hurt the loading time of your web pages. Only use of Flash in instances wherein you have to present your services in a non-static form.

  1. Taking advantage of pop-ups.
Stay away from these annoying pop-ups because they will just create problems for your users.