Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Truth About Laptop/Notebooks Repairs

We have seen, a tremendous increase in the laptop users around the world, as the prices came down in past couple of years and increase in smaller devices with massive powers. The technology is also has taken great strides to enhance the performance in all areas of computing giving us unprecedented capabilities.
As to be expected with the increase in the number of users. The number of laptops malfunctions and problems development also increases, but the number of quality repair centers remains the same, and are unable to cope up with the growing demands. Many fake experts are cropping up around the country with out proper knowledge and expertise, thus spoiling the reputations of all genuine technicians.
Since 1998 we are the premier exclusive laptop repair and service centre in Sri Lanka over the years we have seen the changes in the industry and accordingly we have grown our knowledge and expertise. It is by proving our abilities that we have built our reputation as the best place to bring your lap top in any event of a problem.
Common problems 

· No power
· No display
· Sound
· Keyboard
· Blue screen error
· Power jack, USB , and audio jack problems
· Etc

We are able to repair most of the laptops unless the damage is to the 7-layers of the board and thus beyond repair.
We also do chip level repair (SMT/SMD) and both BGA reflow or rebelling. Do not be trick by the charlatans who try to duplicate such procedures with hot guns instead of BGA rework stations which gives temporary solutions or even worse a deformed chips and board thus making it useless for future repairs as the temperature need to be constant and evenly applied.

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