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Free ASP.NET වීඩියෝ පාඩම් ඕ‍නෙද?

ඔන්න ඔය පහළ තියෙන ලින්ක් වල ඇති ASP පාඩම්.... 
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ඒත් බං මේකෙන් දෙන්නේ ටිකයි... ඔක්කෝම ඕන නම් torrent වලින් ගන්න ඕන.

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ඔන්න ඔය ලින්ක් එකෙන් ගියත් torrent වලින් තමා ගන්න වෙන්නේ...

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බලහන් මේකේ Web Designing වලට 2GB විතර තියෙනවා....
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ඒකේ තියෙන්නේ මෙන්න මේ පහළ පාඩම් ටික තමා....



Welcome1:4215.0 MB

Prerequisites2:213.0 MB

Using the exercise files1:322.0 MB

1. Getting Started


Understanding how ASP.NET works5:525.3 MB

Installing Microsoft Visual Web Developer 20083:434.0 MB

Hello World: Creating your first ASP.NET web site4:285.0 MB

Creating pages with dynamic output7:399.0 MB

Understanding the development web server4:495.0 MB

Exploring Visual Web Developer 20084:525.0 MB

2. Using Microsoft SQL Server 2008


Understanding Microsoft SQL Server5:478.0 MB

Installing SQL Server 2008 Express6:517.0 MB

Exploring SQL Server Management Studio Basic4:235.0 MB

Creating a new database8:5112.0 MB

Connecting to the database in ASP.NET5:437.0 MB

Testing SQL queries3:534.0 MB

Presenting a dataset in an ASP.NET page4:435.8 MB

3. Creating ASP.NET Pages


Understanding ASP.NET web form pages5:517.0 MB

Separating presentation and logic with code files4:175.0 MB

Adding web form controls to a page5:257.0 MB

Handling postback data in a web form page5:507.0 MB

Using data binding expressions4:085.0 MB

4. Programming in ASP.NET


Creating a testing environment4:405.7 MB

Declaring and using a simple variable6:147.0 MB

Declaring and using a complex object6:168.0 MB

Using loops6:528.0 MB

Using functions9:2511.0 MB

Using trace statements4:477.0 MB

Debugging with breakpoints5:457.0 MB

Commenting code4:385.5 MB

5. Creating Reusable Code


Creating web controls5:537.0 MB

Registering a user control on a web form page3:255.0 MB

Registering controls globally in the web.config file3:535.0 MB

Adding public properties to a web control4:325.1 MB

6. Using Cascading Style Sheets in Web Forms


Understanding Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)5:365.3 MB

Attaching external CSS files3:124.0 MB

Defining a CSS selector6:107.0 MB

Using CSS class selectors in server controls4:095.2 MB

7. Presenting Dynamic Data


Presenting data with the GridView control5:498.0 MB

Controlling GridView paging and appearance5:468.0 MB

Editing data with the GridView control6:579.0 MB

Presenting data with the DataList control5:427.0 MB

Formatting data with binding expressions6:208.0 MB

8. Creating a Data Entry System


Using the DetailsView control7:3311.0 MB

Inserting data with the DetailsView control6:3611.0 MB

Redirecting page requests9:3912.0 MB

Creating an update page6:208.0 MB

Linking to update pages from the list page4:095.6 MB

Deleting database records2:354.0 MB

9. Validating User Input


Customizing forms with item editing templates6:078.0 MB

Adding validator controls to a form6:409.0 MB

Controlling the validation error message display6:248.0 MB

Using the ValidationSummary control3:044.0 MB

10. Creating Reports


Creating a query with joined tables8:0611.0 MB

Replacing control style properties with CSS5:509.0 MB

Creating a CSS file for printing3:145.0 MB

Suppressing elements in printed web pages5:479.0 MB

Selecting data for a report6:529.0 MB

11. Managing Session State


Understanding ViewState and managing postbacks4:366.0 MB

Using session variables6:388.0 MB

12. Securing a Site with Forms Authentication


Turning on forms authentication1:513.0 MB

Creating a page to log in users4:185.0 MB

Creating a page to set up new users4:065.0 MB

Understanding the security database3:274.0 MB

Configuring security in the web.config file2:594.0 MB

Creating a page to log out users4:165.0 MB

13. Deploying a Web Site


Installing IIS on Windows XP6:328.0 MB

Installing ASP.NET 3.5 on Windows XP1:392.0 MB

Deploying a site on Windows XP5:095.0 MB

Installing IIS on Windows Vista1:563.0 MB

Configuring ASP.NET 3.5 on Windows Vista2:153.0 MB

Deploying an application on Windows Vista3:294.0 MB

Scripting a database for deployment3:365.0 MB



Goodbye0:420.7 MB

ඕන නම් තත්පර 20ක preview එකක් මෙතනින් බලන්න පුළුවන්...