Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Make a 5$ by ads click

අද මම ඔය ගොල්ලන්ට නව අඩවියක් ලබා දෙන්නයි හදන්නේ........
 මේ අඩවිය තමයි NeoBux කියන්නේ........මේක දැනට තියෙන හොදම අඩවියක්..........ඒ කියන්නේ රෙන්ට් රෙෆරල්ලගෙන් පවා හොද ආදායමක් ලබා ගන්න පුලුවන් සයිට් එකක්........මේ සයිට් එකේ රෙජිස්ටර් වෙන්න කැමති අය පහල බැනර් එක ක්ලික් කරල රෙජිස්ටර් වෙන්න.......

The only Paid-to-click Service you'll ever need
NeoBux is a free worldwide service available in a multi-language environment.
Our service consists of allowing advertisers to reach thousands of potential customers by displaying their advertisement(s) on our site and users to earn money by viewing those advertisements.
Our users click on the advertiser's advertisement and view it during the amount of time specified by the advertiser.
After viewing the advertisement, the user gets credited with a pre-determined amount of money in their NeoBux account.
You don't need to pay us a thing to start earning. So, now that you're a registered user, start earning money for free!

We do the hard work behind the scenes, you get the profits
The amount of money each user earns varies between the user's membership, the type and quantity of advertisements the user has viewed, the number of referrals the user has and the number of advertisements those referrals view.

Earnings calculator

 membership with 

 referrals having an average of 

$0.17 per day    $4.95 per month    $60.23 per year

Presented earnings are calculated based on the minimum amount of advertisements you have per day and also based on the options you've selected which are variable and may be higher or lower than presented. All calculations are based on standard exposure advertisements. For profit calculation you need to subtract the referral management expenses from the earnings.

Minimum Payout:

The minimum amount paid is $2.00 on the first cashout. This amount will increase by $1.00 for each cashout until it reaches a fixed minimum amount of $10.00. From the amount paid, a fee can be deducted depending on the payment processor you use.

Amount of time for payment processing:

After you request your payment, you'll receive it instantly in your chosen payment processor account unless some kind of technical difficulty is encountered during the process.

මේ සයිට් එක ගැන තව ටිකක් විස්තර කිව්වොත් එක ඇඩ් එකකට $0.01ක් ලැබෙනවා.........එවැනි ඇඩ්30ක් ලැබෙනවා.........ඊට අමතරව තව $0.005 සහ $0.001ක් වෙන ඇඩ් 2කකුත් හම්බ වෙනවා........තව විස්තර කිව්වොත් $2න් පලමු Cash out එක ගන්න පුලුවන්.........