Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thailand invest

TIEC an experienced and trusted company

Thailand invest is an independent group of investment consultants. Located in Thailand for 15 years and mainly located in Pattaya and its surroundings. We offer a diverse portfolio of projects for those who wish to invest, renovate, to settle permanently or seasonally. We will accompany you in the best conditions for purchasing goods. 

Investment in Thailand

The analysis of investment in Thailand allows us to better understand the attractiveness and resilience of Thailand. Unlike some countries Thailand has built a diversified economy and successful in attracting different profiles of investors

About UsCorporate investment, Thai households with more purchasing power, as well as foreigners wishing to capitalize on the attractiveness of the country, not to mention government investments that infrastructure development particularly in terms of transport, reinforce the attractiveness of the country.

Attractive country

Thailand is a very attractive destination for foreign investment, with the investment policies based on liberalization and promotion of free trade.Foreign investment, especially investment that contributes to the development of skills, technology, innovation and sustainable development, are actively encouraged. The Board of Investment (BOI) under the Ministry of Industry, is the main government agency to promote investment in the country. Foreign investment in Thailand do not require the approval of the Commission of Inquiry provided the necessary operating permits have been obtained.