Sunday, March 13, 2011

How to Remove NewFolder.exe Virus...

NewFolder.exe  is one of the most irritating virus that you will ever come across. It mainly infects through the Pen Drive and once it does, it will create exe files resembling the name of all your folders. If your folder has name “docs”, it will create the file ‘Docs.exe’ and similar files for all your folders. In the worst case, it can even disable your task manger, Folder Options, RegEdit etc.
    To try to remove it manually, here is what you can do

  1. Delete the Autorun.inf and other suspicious exe files from your pen drive using this method.
  2. Open Windows Task Scheduler or go to Control Panel –>Scheduled tasks and remove any suspicious task
  3. Click on Start –> run and type –> ‘msconfig’. In the startup tab, find entries like “NewFolder.exe” or “regsvr.exe” and uncheck them.
  4. Open Task Manager. In the processes tab, delete any process with the name of NewFolder.exe or regsvr.exe
  5. Open Registry by typing ‘Regedit’ in the Run command box. Please take a backup of the registry before proceeding. Now search for “regsvr.exe” and “Newfolder.exe” . If you find any entries, delete them. Please delete the entries having the exact name as “regsvr.exe” and not anything else. If that is appended with other entries, delete its occurrence only and not the whole thing.
  6. Restart the Computer
I hope this solves your problem.